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Since 2014 our new broadcastcenter has been located on the grounds of the VTM-Auhof-Studios in the west of Vienna. With over 700m² of space and state-of-the-art technology, one of Europe’s most innovative broadcastcenters was built after several years of planning.

It is connected to the international networks via two redundant 10 GB fiber cables. Several downlinks are available and the Broadcastcenter is equipped with an uninterrupted  power supply (UPS), thus full operation can be guaranteed for 3 hours in cases of power outage.The Broadcastcenter  offers several broadcast management possibilities, server systems, postproduction utilities, main control rooms and various production rooms, as well as streaming servers for various platforms. VizRT graphics systems, Pandorras Box, EVS servers, SAN storage and archiving systems complete the offer.


Technical specification:

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