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In 1998, our first television studio was opened in Vienna, then on the premises of the Filmstadt Wien / Rosenhügel studios. In 2013 we found a suitable site for the development of new studios and broadcasting centers in the west of Vienna. Here, we were able to implement a new, modern concept. The Auhof-Studios were constructed by the spring of  2014. A total area of approx. 3500 square meters offer 2 television studios with the latest infrastructure, production offices, meeting rooms, a catering area, makeup, guest areas, etc.

An On-air suitable air-conditioning / ventilation system with air quality control guarantees a comfortable work enviroment. The studios are soundproofed and fully equipped with acoustic panels and offer full remote access via the Broadcastcenter.

Outside, there is ample parking space for our customers and guests.

Studio 2 offers an area of 237m² and height of 6m.

Technical specification: